CHNG Kee's Black Pepper Sauce 250ml

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Aromatic and pepperish, it is good for stir-fry, or as a gravy, dip, salad dressing or pasta sauce. Delicious with meat, seafood and vegetables.

Black pepper and white pepper come from the same plant.To make black pepper, the green unripe pepper is dried under the sun.The black pepper is therefore aromatic spicier than the white pepper.Due to the intense taste of black pepper and other additives, the black pepper sauce from CHNG Kee'S fits every meat dish.
Blackpepper sauce is mainly used as a wok sauce in beef dishes, but is also very tasty with shrimps and other seafood.Due to the intense taste of the black pepper the fishy taste is neutralized.Add a few spoonfuls of Blackpepper sauce and stir-fry the sauce together with the ingredients.


Water, Suiker, Gemodificeerde Zetmeel, Zwarte Peper, Gehydrolyserende Plantaardige Eiwitten, Tomatenpasta, Plantaardige Olie, Knoflook, Donkere Sojasaus, Zout, Oesterextract, Gist Extract, Smaakversterker (E631, E627), Conserveermiddel (E210), Stabilisator (E415).

Allergie informatie: Dit product bevat Soja, Schaaldieren, Sesam.