Gold Kili Instant Hojicha Latte 200g / Gold Kili / 200g

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Gold Kili's hojicha latte is crafted with the finest Japanese hojicha (roasted green tea). With the unique roasty aroma, hojicha gives a light refreshing taste, making it the perfect cup of tea for your daily indulgence. Hojicha is a type of green tea, the leaves are lightly roasted resulting in a unique aroma. It is low in caffeine, making it suitable as an evening tea. Also nice: this latte does not contain added flavouring.

Hoijicha latte is ready-to-eat portioned soluble granules / powder based on, among other things, creamer, milk powder and Japanese hoijicha powder.Hoijicha is made from the green tea that is harvested between summer and autumn.Then it is roasted over the charcoal with a high temperature, this gives the tea reddish brown color and a roasted, slightly caramel-like taste.With the addition of latte (milk), this drink has a smooth and creamy texture with the smoky taste of Hoijicha.
Hoijicha latte can be served both cold and warm.Mix the bag of matcha latte with 150 ml of hot water.For cold serving with 75 ml of hot water with ice cubes.