Golden Sail Premium Jasmine Tea Can 200g

Golden Sail Premium Jasmine Tea Can 200g

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Premium jasmine tea is green tea flavored with jasmine blossom.The tea is dried together with freshly picked jasmine blossom, so that the aroma of the blossoms is absorbed by the tea.A surprising combination of the wonderful scent of flowers and the hoary taste of green tea.
Use 1-2 teaspoon of tea per cup and let it draw for 1-2 minutes.Serving tip: to avoid bitterness, it is best to let boiling water cool down to 60-70 degrees and then add tea leaves.


Jasmine Tea - 42810

Jasmijn Thee

Té de Jazmín


Thé au Jasmin


Jasmine Tea Leaves.


Jasmijn Thee Bladeren.


JazmínHojas de Té.


JasminTee Blätter.


JasmineFeuilles de Thé.