Golden Sail Premium Long Jing Green Tea 150g / 金帆牌 西湖龙井茶 150克

Golden Sail Premium Long Jing Green Tea 150g / 150

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Long Jing thee

Een milde groene (ongefermenteerde) thee met een zoete smaak en pittig aroma. Hij is rijk aan antioxidanten en bevat vitamine C en aminozuren. Gebruik hem ook als smaakgever in gerechten.

Long Jing is the most famous green tea variety in China.The best Long Jing comes from the Xi Hu (West Lake) area known as the very best production area.The leaves are carefully picked by hand during spring and dried briefly so that the oxidation process is stopped.Eventually the leaves are formed and dried again at a low temperature to preserve the taste and aroma.
Use 1-2 teaspoon of tea per cup and let it draw for 1-2 minutes in 80 degrees hot water.


Long Jing Thee 100%.