Liji Yufu Seasoning For Boiled Fish With Sichuan Pickles (Spicy) / 李记渔夫妈妈酸菜鱼全料酸菜鱼汤底 320g

Liji Yufu Seasoning For Boiled Fish With Sichuan Pickles (Spicy) / 320g

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Kruiden voor Gekookte Vis met Gepekelde Sichuan Groente (Pikant)

Seasoning for boiled fish with Sichuan pickles contains various herb bags to make a poached fish dish.The herb bags consist of chicken flavor, herbs, chili pepper and pickled vegetables.It is a fairly spicy seasoning because of the chili and various peppers.It is a favorite recipe from Sichuan in China.
Seasoning for boiled fish is used as a broth base for spicy fish dishes.For the taste of the seasoning to come into its own, it is advisable to first bake the pickled vegetables hot. Mix the seasoning bags with water or meat broth.Add fish and vegetables in the broth base.The fish dish gets a delicious taste sensation due to the spicy and hint of sour broth.


Sauszakje: Sojaolie, Koolzaadolie, Gember, Knoflook, Chilipeper, Chilibonen, Smaakversterkers (E621, E635), Gist Extract, Capsanthine, Kruiden (Kaneel, Steranijs, Venkel, Sichuanpeper, Peper, Zoethout, Kruidnagel, Amomum, Kentjoer, Dahurica Engelwortel, Garnalen).

Gepekelde Groente: Kool, Zout, Kurkuma.

Kruidenzakje: Sojaolie, Koolzaadolie, Chilibonen, Gember, Knoflook, Chilipeper, Zout, Smaakversterkers (E621, E635), Suiker, Aroma (Kip Pasta, Fondue, Chilibonen Capsicum Oleoresin, Kippenpoeder, Pittige Essence), Gistextract, Capsanthine, Conserveermiddel (E202).

Kruidensauszakjes: Koolzaadolie, Kool, Gepekelde Mosterd, Chilipeper, Gember, Knoflook, Smaakversterkers (E621, E635), Gistextract, Aroma (Kippenpoeder, Gepekelde Kool, Capsicum Oleoresin), Zout, Conserveermiddel (E202), Kruiden (Steranijs, Kaneel, Laurierblad, Kruidnagel Amomum).

Gepocheerd Vis Kruidenzakje: Zout, Maiszetmeel, Papaine, Kruiden (Peper, Kentjoer, Sichuan Peper).

Nutritional Information

  • Per 100g
  • Calories 254 kJ / 60 kcal
  • Fats 2.4 g
  • Carbohydrates 5.7 g
  • Sugars 1.8 g
  • Protein 2.1 g