Sushi Chef Sushi Rice 10kg

Sushi Chef Sushi Rice 10kg

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Sushi rice, or Japanese rice, is a white, round grain rice that naturally contains a lot of starch so that it will stick to each other after cooking.In Japan people prepare rice daily, for example to make sushi, onigiri or fried rice.
You can serve sushi rice as "normal rice", or let it cool down and make it unigiri: compact shapes with salmon and / or tuna or something tasty in the middle.Mix the cooled rice with sushi vinegar to make sushi.


Sushi Rijst.


Calorie 360 kcal
Totaal Vetten 1 g
Verzadigd vet 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 1 mg
Totaal Koolhydraten 79 g
Eiwit 7 g